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Don’t Of The Day


This is a no brainer. Shawn Thornton, Boston Bruin “Bad Ass” thought it would be a good idea to try and fight John Scott. These two have never actually fought before, but they’ve done their fair share of chirping and $h!t talking in the past before Scott was a Sabre. Anyone from Buffalo will tell you “No.” when you ask them if they’re over the Milan Lucic hit on Ryan Miller last season, and the players know that. It was safe to assume last night that a fight would go down. It was just a matter of who, and by who, I mean who would be fighting John Scott. Shawn Thornton stepped up to the play.

It’s almost as if Buffalo had a “Insert Bruins player to fight John Scott here” sign posted on the boards in front of theirSTON2590.JPG bench. The Sabres, as well as the City Of Buffalo, will never get over Lucic’s hit, and at this point, will take anyone in a black and yellow sweater as retribution. Continue reading Don’t Of The Day


Don’t Of The Day

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Our don’t of the day, comes from the Carolina Hurricanes, and Nathan Horton last night.

If you’re a Cane’s fan, you might want to look away. Last night in Carolina, Nathan Horton undressed Jordan Staal and Tim Gleason before he made Cam Ward look foolish.

Horton went in on Ward, and roofed his shot top shelf.

Jordan, Tim, Cam…next time, how about you step up? If not…then just don’t. Go home if you don’t feel like playing defense.


Wow, Jordan…nice D, plug.

Don’t Of The Day

I know I usually make fun of things that are weird, unordinary, crazy, but this time…I’m going to do it differently.

Last night Nail Yakupov, the first overall pick in the 2012 NHL draft scored his second goal in a crucial situation. Down 1-0 with 4.7 seconds left, the 18-year-old Russian batted a puck out of the air to knot the game up at 1-1. Sam Gagner would eventually win the game for the Oilers in overtime.

It was the celebration by Yakupov that had the hockey world buzzing. Yakupov scored, and skated as fast as he could past his entire team, and slid on his knees from center ice, all the way past his own blue line. I guess he was pretty excited.


Nail Yakupov, I’m not going to give you the “don’t” instead, I’m giving you the do. Please continue to do that. A good Cele is always fun to watch.