The Sabres Need An Easter Resurrection


Easter Sunday is a day of celebration for the Catholic faith. The celebration is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. They Sabres should try and maybe talk to Jesus, and ask him how he did it. They need the advice.

After giving up a 3-1 lead (and on the power play at one point) in the third period to the Washington Capitals last night, the Sabres stayed in 12th place and really hurt themselves in their race to eighth place.

The Montreal Canadiens took care of the New York Rangers last night beating them 3-0. The Islanders lost to Pittsburgh, and Carolina stopped their losing streak defeating the Jets 3-1. If Buffalo had closed the game out in regulation, they would be two full points over the Capitals (they were tied going into the game last night), and would be playing for a share of eighth place tonight.

If Buffalo could figure out some way to stop blowing two goal leads almost every game, and they would be two points behind eighth place New York. If they were to beat Boston tonight they would be tied for eighth place with 35 points (NYR idle tonight).

With 13 games remaining on the schedule, the Sabres are running out of time and especially points. If Buffalo doesn’t take 20-22 points out of the possible 26 remaining, the “playoff run” is over.

But let’s face it, the Sabres aren’t exactly in a race for eighth mode right now, especially after GM Darcy Regier traded away defensemen Jordan Leopold to the St. Louis Blues for a 2nd round and a conditional 5th round pick.

Regier told the media that, basically, he’s looking at trades that will build the team for next season and the future of the organization.

Yesterday, Regier said that nobody is “off the table,” and that, “We’re open to all options.”

That means Miller, Vanek, and Pominville are all technically on the trade discussion table. In my opinion, only one of them will be moved by April 3rd, or over the summer.

Who You Don’t Trade: If I’m Darcy Regier, your top off-season goal is to make Ryan Miller a life long Sabre. Why? The year Miller won the Vezina Trophy (’09-’10), he had an ES (Even Strength) save percentage of .928. This season, with this terrible team, Miller has an ES save percentage of .926. Yeah, he’s 32-years-old, but it doesn’t matter. If you give Miller better defensive help, he’ll have a couple more Vezina’s in his trophy case. In fact, Miller would be in the Vezina trophy discussion if his wins and loses column looked better. Why isn’t his W/L in the top five? Look at the team in front of him.

Who Goes First Out Of The Three: Jason Pominville. The Sabres Captain hasn’t really been much of a “Captain” this season, and after an offensive output like last year, Pommer’s struggling this year, and really can’t find that groove he was in early on in the year. Pominville is still a top six forward in this league, and has plenty of trade value. If you can get a first round draft pick for Paul Gaustad, your third line Center last year, imagine what you can get in return for Pominville. I wouldn’t settle for anything less than a first round draft pick and a highly regarded prospect.

If you truly want to resurrect this team, those are the type of trades you need to make. If you’re a Sabres fan thinking that a big name player will be brought in at the trade deadline, you’re sorely mistaken.


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